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If you wish to submit your ad or to be advertised on a printed medium or the Chrisi Efkeria site ; Here you will find all the ways for promotion in detail!

For private individuals

  Description of the service Newspaper Internet
https://my.xe.gr Simple projection ads for all categories for 2 months on the internet*  
Privileged projection ads (gold, gold+, platinum) to appear on the internet for 7 days  
Express projection ads for all categories (apart from Real Estate / Adult) for 5 days on the internet  
14646 Landline‌1 2,10 € and mobile phone‌2 2,00 € charged per minute, help line: 210 9091333 (local call rate) Simple projection ads for all categories except for Work, for 1 week in the newspaper and 2 months on the internet (excluding "Business")
(+30) 210 9091300
Local charge. Payment for ad placement is by telephone, credit or debit card or bank deposit.
Ads for Jobs in the Internet and / or newspaper section, simple or privileged, with duration of one, two weeks or one month
14747 Landline‌1 3,59 € and mobile phone‌2 3,39 € charged per minute, help line: 210 9091333 (local call rate) “Privileged projection ad Gold Plus for all categories on the internet for 1 week, except for Jobs  
Simple projection ad in the category "Business" for 30 days on the internet
14648Landline1 6.51 € per call (not supported by mobile phone), help line: 210 9091333 (local call rate) Weekly combined projection ad in the newspaper (1 simple - 1 bold publication) and privileged Gold Plus promotion on the internet, except for Jobs
Privileged projection ad Platinum for all categories on the internet for 1 week, except for Jobs  
(+30) 210 9091450 Special ad packages. The only combi-packages on the market that include projection in the newspaper and the internet for a month.

1. Price includes 24% VAT and Fixed Telephony Subscribers Fee 5%
2. Price includes 24% VAT. An additional 12%, 15%, 18% or 20% Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee, depending on the amount of the monthly bill before VAT

*the categories with the respective marking are excepted, where publication is possible at a low price according to choice

Do you need information? Find the answers to your questions here.
Have questions about the promotion packages? Send e-mail to help@xe.gr.

For professionals

  Description of service Newspaper Internet
http://pro.xe.gr With pro2, the most complete ad management platform, professionals can pre-purchase ad publications in the "Chrisi Efkeria" newspaper (Real Estate, Automoto) and at www.xe.gr, program future publications, have a full history of their activities ,but also follow the purchase reserves in real time!
xeag@xe.gr Send us your ad by e-mail and we will contact you regarding its publication
210 9091222 210 9091444
210 9091220

Contact us and we will guide you appropriately so that we can create the projection package you wish. Leave everything else to us, as our specialized team will help you choose the appropriate means to project your ads on the internet and in the newspaper.

Do you need information? Are you facing a technical problem? Call(+30) 210 9091335 or send us an e-mail at xepro@xe.gr
(Help line opening hours: Monday - Friday 08.00 to 21.00)

The offices of Chrisi Efkeria are at 31-33 Athinon Avenue & 12 Spirou Patsi street, postcode 10447, Athens (map)


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