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Terms of Service

The company under the registered name "GOLDEN DEAL S.A. (CHRISI EFKERIA S.A.), located in Athens, Greece, 31-33 Athinon Av & 12 Sp. Patsi str., 10447 (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") which owns among others the websites "www.xe.gr", "www.automoto.gr" and "www.property.gr" (hereinafter referred to as "the site") and publishes the printed paper under the title "CHRISI EFKERIA" (XΡΥΣΗ ΕΥΚΑΙΡΙΑ) and "CHRISI EFKERIA OF NORTHERN GREECE" (hereinafter "the paper"), offers its services under the terms mentioned below. Each visitor/user of the site pages is requested to review the terms herein carefully and by visiting/using the pages and the site's services he/she hereby declares that accepts them fully and unconditionally.

If the user does not agree with the terms included herein is requested not to proceed to the use of the site but to notify the Company on any possible remarks in order for them to be taken into account, always as far as possible and within the framework of good faith and the relevant trading practices.


The Company offers the site's visitors/users a large number of services which mainly constitute of providing information, any kind/type of advertisements, the possibility to use communication tools, search services, mass access of users etc. All existing services as well as any new services that will be added to the site are subject to the present terms of use unless the opposite is explicitly defined. The visitor/user of the site's services fully and unconditionally accepts that all information/services of the site are offered "as they are" and the Company is under no circumstances liable for the restricted period of time, deletion, poor performance, inability to electronically save the user's data as well as for any damage caused by using the site.

The use of the site is subject to the provisions of the Greek, European-Community and International Law, which are binding for each visitor/user. The latter shall comply fully with them. Furthermore, the user/visitor shall use the site's content and services according to the applicable legislation, fair practices and present terms of use, refraining at the same time from any action that might contest the ethics and personality of other visitors/users or cause problems to the site's proper functioning.


The user/visitor who wishes to sign up for the site's services shall:

  • state his/her true, complete and valid personal information, as requested in the site to the relevant applications for access to its content/services,
  • inform the site immediately regarding any changes in the aforementioned information and make sure so this information remains constantly accurate, complete and true.


The Company reserves the exclusive right and the user / visitor hereby accepts that the Company can temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of the site with or without notice to users / members.


The Company conducts every effort, within the framework of technological control, in order for the site's services, contents and options to be provided trouble free and without interruption. However, the Company is not liable in the event that for any reason whatsoever, including negligence, the operation of the site is interrupted or made difficult and/or impossible to access and/or if, despite the maintained security measures, "viruses" or other harmful software is identified and transmitted to the terminals of the users/visitors, or if unauthorized third parties (hackers) interfere with the content and function of the site rendering the use difficult or causing problems to its proper functioning.


The content and information included in the site are not derived by the Company in any way, on the contrary, are published and posted on the site on the initiative and sole responsibility of the user/advertiser and can in no way be interpreted as valid information and/or advice nor conceal the company's prompt the user to perform specific operations (e.g. purchase, renting property, etc.). The Company exclusively and solely undertakes to collect, grammatically-syntactically process and post the content of the site, but it does not in any way guarantee the correctness, completeness and availability of the content, pages, services, choices thereof (the site). Accordingly each user/visitor uses the provided services/information of the site solely on his/her own initiative, simultaneously taking the responsibility to verify this information.


The Company is not in any way liable regarding the content of the advertisements (of any category or form) displayed on the site as well the communication of a user / member with third parties that are advertised on the site. Furthermore, the Company is not liable for any question arising from any conclusion of any kind of commercial transaction between the user/member and a third party advertiser.


The intellectual property of the content and services of the site, i.e. including but not limited to texts, ads, photographs, drawings, commercial and financial data, programs, files of all kinds, brands/logos, format (lay - out) of the site, is protected by Greek, Community and International copyright law and is owned exclusively by the Company. The aforementioned are provided to users/visitors strictly for personal use. In the framework of good faith and relevant business practices the Company makes every effort so that the content and information displayed on the site each time is as accurate and true as possible, but does not assume any responsibility for the reliability or completeness thereof.

Furthermore, any act of copy, distribution, transportation, processing, resale, creation of derivative works, or misleading the public on the actual provider of the content of the site is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, propagation or transmission or any other use of the contents of the site in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only upon prior written permission of the Company or any other holder of intellectual property rights. Otherwise the aforementioned actions may constitute infringement of intellectual/industrial property of the Company, which reserves the right to claim any incidental and consequential damage thereto in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.

The user/visitor/member accepts and acknowledges that the Company has the right to use commercially (either by itself or through third parties) all the information displayed on the site.

Using pictures on ads: The user/advertiser declares that the photos submitted on the site are his/her own intellectual property and in no way offend and/or are free from any third party's right. The Company has no liability whatsoever regarding the content of the aforementioned photos as well as any matter arising from those.

Furthermore, the user/advertiser undertakes the responsibility to cover any damage (including expenses, judicial or otherwise) the Company will suffer from any third party claims, connected in any way with the submission and viewing of the aforementioned photos.


The user/member fully and unconditionally accepts the Company's exclusive right to discontinue the use/passwords of the site's services as well as the availability of content and information of the site whenever it (the Company) considers that such user has violated the terms herein.

More specifically, the user fully and unconditionally accepts that the Company reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, if considers that the content of an ad happens to be misleading and/or illegal and/or false and/or offensive in any way and also that the material in question is contrary to terms of use in general herein, to interrupt its publication and posting on the site. At the same time, the Company reserves the right not to allow the user/advertiser of this ad to post/publish any other ads on the site in the future (of any category and any content).


The site contains links to websites, about the content and services of which the Company bears no responsibility, neither does it warrant their durable and safe accessibility. Therefore, for any problem arising during the visit/use of these websites the user/visitor should directly refer to the respective websites, which bear sole responsibility for remedying this problem. Under no circumstances should it be considered that the Company accepts or affiliates with the content or services of the sites and pages referred to or linked to in any way. For any possible problems arising from visiting these websites the each time owner thereof has the exclusive responsibility thereof.


The Company covers all of the personal data and information as well as the conditions of collection, processing and managing personal data of the site's visitors/users/members. In no case do these terms cover the relationship between the site's visitors/users/ members and any services that are not controlled/owned by the Company. The Company collects personal data on the site:

  • When the visitor signs up to its services;
  • When he/she uses its services;
  • When he/she uses the site's pages and enters the advertisement (or any similar kind of) programs, each user shall declare his/her true and full data as well as inform the site immediately regarding any changes thereof, providing the necessary information so that the aforementioned data remains constantly complete, true and updated.

The user accepts and consents that the Company, subject to the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended by Law 3471 / 2016 and currently in force, will keep on file and process any personal data, which will be brought to its (the Company) knowledge from the user's visit to the site in order to:

  • fulfill the terms and obligations of specific services provided by the site to its users,
  • inform the user in general,
  • satisfy the user's requests each time regarding the services offered on and through the site,
  • inform the user regarding new offers, services, products etc. (sending marketing newsletters, new offers, ads etc. are mentioned indicatively),
  • the site to operate smoothly,
  • proceed to any action in relation to the aforementioned.

11. Payment

In order to publish ads and/or prominent ads on the site the Company accepts payments by credit/debit card. Accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard.

The credit/debit card will be charged once the data and its validity have been checked and verified. The billing amount should be available and will be withdrawn with the order confirmation. To complete your purchase through the Site you will have to follow the instructions included therein. In the purchase form you will find, you will have to complete the number and expiration date of your credit card. You are solely responsible for the proper recording and the validity of your credit card data and you must be the holder of the credit card used for each transaction.

The sales receipt will be sent via email upon completion of the purchase process. If you wish to check your account as a Member in the meantime please visit the website and check the modules "Transaction history".

12. Payment/Transaction Safety

For safety reasons the Company does not save any credit card information for future use, so you have to re-enter the data thereof each time you complete a purchase. By entering the required by the terms of use of the site credit card information, you explicitly declare that you have the legal right to use this credit card.

The Company accepts no liability in the event of unlawful use of credit cards.

The provision of credit card data indicates your consent to charge it with the amount of the purchase made through the site. In case the transaction with your credit card is declined for any reason by the issuing bank or the credit card network, due to reasons including but not limited to exceeding the credit limit or suspected fraud, then the purchase will not be executed.

Credit card transactions will be processed through the Company site by using the services of the Online Payment Service provider with which the Company is affiliated.

The Company is not liable for failure to effect charges or credit card payment commitments due to a fault of the Online Payment Service Provider or the ISP (Internet Service Provider or ISP). Indicative cases of the Company's non liability are the following:

  • Hardware or software failure of the online payment service provider. If the server for the requests of the provider that processes the online payments stops working according to the specifications or due to hardware failure (including but not limited to hard disk damage, power outage, main memory damage) or due to software problems, the Member will be considered by the Company as not participating in the purchasing process. The inability to inform the Company may exist by fault of the Online Payment Service Provider or the Internet Service Provider.

The above cases are indicative and not an exhaustive list of all cases of the Company's non-liability.


Through its site the Company is able to use Cookies as part of facilitating and operating the website services. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and saved in the user's/subscriber's computer, allowing sites like xe.gr to operate smoothly and without technical defects, to authorize the collection of multiple choices for the user/subscriber and the recognition of users/subscribers and facilitate their access to the site, and also collect data to improve the content of the site. Cookies do not cause damage to computers and the files kept in them. The Company uses Cookies to provide the users/subscribers with information and to conduct the services provided through the site.

  • Third party providers, including Google, may display ads from the Company on Internet sites.
  • Third party providers, including Google, may use cookies to display ads based on a user's previous visit to the Company's website.
  • Users may choose to be exempted from Google using this kind of cookies, here.

It is highlighted that Cookies are absolutely necessary in order for the site to function properly and smoothly.


These terms are equally applicable for the benefit of the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, are governed by Greek Law and if any of them results to being invalid and/or unenforceable even partially, for any reason, the terms will not be affected by this and they will be applicable in full force.

For any dispute that may arise regarding the operation and use of the site, if the amicable solution thereof is not possible, the Courts of Athens shall have the jurisdiction to settle such dispute. The Law of the Hellenic Republic is applicable for any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions and any other matter relating to the use of the site.

In order to receive any information regarding the terms herein you may contact the Company's customer service by sending an e-mail to help@xe.gr


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